Details Description

Free Consultation to Identify Entertainment Needs:

  • Offer a complimentary consultation where clients can discuss their event and entertainment preferences.
  • Understand the event theme, audience demographics, and entertainment goals.

Due Diligence Check for Local Laws About Entertainment:

  • Conduct thorough research on local regulations and permits required for different types of entertainment.
  • Ensure compliance with licensing and safety regulations.

Suggest Suitable Entertainment Types as per Audience:

  • Recommend entertainment options that align with the event’s theme, audience demographics, and venue.
  • Provide a range of choices such as live bands, DJs, dancers, magicians, etc., based on client preferences.

Propose Entertainment Providers/Artists:

  • Present a curated list of reputable entertainment providers or artists.
  • Include portfolios, reviews, and performance samples for the client’s review.

Coordinate Detailed Requirements:

  • Manage logistics and technical requirements for the entertainment, such as sound systems, stage setup, and lighting.
  • Ensure all necessary equipment and setups are in place for a seamless performance.

Schedule Appointments & Rehearsals as Required:

  • Arrange and confirm performance schedules with the selected entertainment providers/artists.
  • Coordinate rehearsals or sound checks to ensure the entertainment meets the client’s expectations.

Does not include:

 Artist related charges / fees